Oil Change

At Al-Emran Autos Co.We pride ourselves in having a very competitively priced, and extremely comprehensive, range of products for road-going Automotive applications, including many products which don't just meet the manufacturer's requirements, but carry actual OEM Approvals. Indeed our range of harder-to-find, OEM-specific transmission oils is virtually unrivalled, such as our DSG and CVT fluids, and products for ZF, JATCO, Aisin Warner and Mercedes 7G-Tronic transmissions, all carrying manufacturer specifications for their specific applications. At RAVENOL Headqarters in Germany, highly qualified Technicians work tirelessly to ensure that as OEM requirements evolve a RAVENOL product is being developed to meet and even exceed that new demand. Full details, together with individual product specifications, can be found in our Products page. Please hover your cursor on "Products" and choose "Ravenol" from the dropdown list.


RAVENOL Automotive Products

meet or exceed the highest international specifications and carry the Approvals of many leading motor manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler (MB), VW, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, ZF, and many others. RAVENOL products are API and ACEA listed and are always to be found on the German DEKRA approval list, published every year. When you choose RAVENOL for your road car you can be assured of ultimate protection through the latest in German Lubrication Technology.