Import Cars

By purchasing through Al-Emran Auto Co. Our operations staff have a wide range of experience in importing all types of vehicles, and all automotive brands, Especially Volvo! And we also providing after-sale service to all the buyers. Let us take the strain of importing your car or vehicle. We take care of handling, collection, packing, loading, import paperwork, insurance and any concerns that you may have. We can arrange to ship the vehicles you want to any destination with guaranteed quality.
  • Better Customer Service
  • High Quality Vehicles
  • Quick Shipment
  • Better Prices
Once a customer identifies a car, we work hand in hand with the Seller to make sure that the car advertised meets all the specifications for export. We then arrange for the documentation and shipping of the vehicle. This makes buying used cars easier than ever. We work in conjunction with a network of car dealers across the globe ensuring we obtain very Competitive/Cheap prices for New and Used German, Japanese, British, American and Korean cars.